Base Ten Block Floor Design Challenge

Base ten block challenge – open to all children and adults.

We bought our first home last fall. Since it is our space and we are able to be creative we are building a base ten block floor in my math room using the Mortensen Math block colours.

The challenge is to design and build a rectangle 53 across 36 up – it will have an area of 1908 square units – block picture or pattern to inspire us in our base ten block floor design. You can use Mortensen Math blocks, MUS blocks, EZ Math blocks, Cuisenaire rods or any other base ten blocks that are similar in nature. You must use one of each of the 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 blocks and a 100 square in your design. If you do not have enough blocks to build your design you can use grid or graph paper to create it.

When you are finished take a clear picture of your design and send it to Anna. With your permission I will showcase all submitted designs on my website – please add you or your child’s first name and age to the design if you would like it showcased.

Talk about length, width, area, perimeter, patterns, place value, square numbers, and whatever else comes to mind during this challenge.

Be creative. Have fun. Laugh. Play some math.

We may use some or all of your design in our floor or we may not use any of your design in our floor. What we are looking for is inspiration for a base ten math floor that children and adults will enjoy playing math on.

The video shows some examples of base ten blocks that are acceptable, the dimensions of the rectangle, and all the block values that need to be included.

Looking forward to seeing what we all create together!

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