Introduction to Mortensen Math Webinar Replay – limited time offer – watch now for free!

Thank you for supporting my first Mortensen Math webinar event.

It was well attended.

Many more people registered but were un-able to attend live due to time zone differences so for a limited time I am offering an edited replay of the live webinar event for rewatch for those that attended live or to watch first time if you were unable to attend live.

Enjoy –  and please leave feedback in the comments section.

FYI – it may take a moment to load – please let me know if there are any replay issues.



  1. Thanks for the opportunity to see the replay! I missed that it was Pacific time when I first registered. 😊 Really well done!

    1. You’re welcome Vida. I am happy you were able to see it despite the time difference mix-up. Thank you for taking the time watch it – and for the nice compliment.

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