Hello Again

I am looking out at the sunshine and blue skies and feeling the wind blowing a little through the open window. It feels good and for the first time in many months I feel up to writing a short post.

Many things have happened since I last posted new content. 2020 has not been the year we expected.

I am sad to say that in February my daughter’s baby girl passed away. I can’t think of a sadder time in our lives.

Then came the pandemic.

As a family, we’ve all been doing the very best we can to cope.

I have been fortunate, through all of this, to be able to continue to work from home and play math online with students.

My husband and I are blessed with a smaller home and larger yard. The latter has been a place of solace. We have spent countless hours outside working on small projects together. The latest is turning our gravel driveway into a basketball court of sorts. It is a work in progress.

This is a snap shot of the project.

I found the hoop and backboard free on Craigslist. Spray painted with some left over black paint and it looks almost new. The net was given to me by a neighbour. We made the stand from a new 4×4 post. The bricks have special meaning as they were given to us by my daughter and son in law when we first moved here.

We plan to lay two new driveway support posts. You can see one of the 6×6 posts in the bottom of the picture. We also plan to build a form and pour concrete around the stand, then level the gravel and lay brick on top. All of this is being done on a very small budget.

There’s quite a bit of math involved in this small project. Perhaps as an activity you could ask your children to answer the question “Where’s the math?”

Marti Mortensen asked me to share a short message with you: “All orders are in process and tracking information will be sent out soon.”

I want to “thank all of you” for continuing to follow me and support what I do and I want to “wish you all good health and happiness!”



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