Canadian Online Homeschool Conference

Canadian Online Homeschool Conference 2021 Informational

50+ Speakers. Nearly 60 sessions for New Homeschoolers, Veteran Homeschoolers, Families with Disabled and Neurodivergent Learners, and sessions specifically for Kids and Youth. Live Interactive Events. Prizes and Giveaways. Special Offers and More!


There are two options for attendees:

#1.  The FREE pass. This is a way to assure that every one of you that wants or needs to participate can. You will get access to everything and all the activities, however you can only watch sessions until midnight Eastern time on the day they are released. For example, all of February 3rd’s sessions will be locked at 11:59pm that night.

Please note that, although during some of the previous years they offered a day at the end with all the sessions opened, due to the sheer number of sessions and length of this year’s event, they will NOT have this happen in 2021. 

#2. ALL-ACCESS pass. This pass gives people access to the whole conference all at once. They are free, starting on the 3rd, to watch whichever sessions they want,  whenever they want and will have lifetime access to the 2021 sessions after it is over. The cost is only $17 from now until Feb 9th, then the price will go up to $27 for a week before it goes up to its full value of $45.

A schedule and goodie bag download will be released on February 1st, so people can decide what they want to watch!

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