Mortensen Math Valentine Sale Extended to March 10th!

Mortensen Math Valentine Sale

UPDATE: The Mortensen Math Valentine Sale is being extended to March 10th, 2021. 

Welcome to the 2021 Mortensen Math Valentine Sale!

What is it? 9 days of low low prices on all the Mortensen Math products

When is it? midnight February 15 to midnight February 24, 2021

What ages is it for? It's for all ages of people.

Who is it for? It's for everyone:
parents and their children
educators and their students
home and school math programs facilitators
adult students
math enthusiasts
math phobics
people who are math anxious
those in want or need of math therapy
those that want to do mathing

How can you order your program materials? Click on the Valentine Sale Order Form button above, fill it out, and submit it.

How can you find out more about the Mortensen Math program and materials?
Click on links to videos and pictures on the nonsale price page.
Peruse the items in the product gallery.
Click on the buttons below to expand then click on photo to enlarge.
Explore the Product Materials menu above.

Still have questions. You can reach out to me with your them through the Ask Anna form, FB messenger, email, or even by leaving a question in the comments section below.

Happy Shopping Everyone!


    1. Thank you Brooke I got your email and will send you a PayPal invoice shortly.

  1. Hi Anna,
    I’m interested in the skip counting color books and CD. I guess it’s in a kit. I noticed I missed the sale in May. That’s too bad, but I would love if I could purchase those from you. Is that possible? What is the process for me to do this? Thank you, Judy Hoyt

    1. Thank you for reaching out Judy. I just sent you an email with all of the information on how to order those through me.

  2. Hi, Did you live in Phoenix? Anna are you the One subbed for me in Creighton School Dist. at Papago about 20 years ago? My name might have been Janet Cohen, during that time.

    1. Linda I just sent you an email with all of the information needed to order the Smiley Face Books through me.

  3. what are the names of the scaled down version of the hundred, tens and units and can they be purchased as a set or can you only receive them by buying something else? I already have every everything except for th number kit. And would like some more of the tiny hundred tens and units.

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