Stacey Turis Talks About ADHD and Neurodiversity

Join Kirk’s Tutoring, Thursday August 3, 2023 from 5 PM – 6 PM PDT as he hosts an insightful 1 hour Facebook live event featuring neurodiversity advocate and ADHD author, Stacey Turis. Stacey is also the founder of the good vibes lab, good-feel sessions for real people + real life. Stacey will be sharing valuable tips and tricks for navigating life with a neurodiverse brain. This free event is tailored for young people, whether they have an alphabet diagnosis (more than one diagnosis) or not. The aim is to show them that success and happiness are attainable as they journey through life. The event will consist of a short presentation followed by an extensive question and answer session, providing ample opportunity for attendees to engage with Stacey and gain valuable insights. Don’t miss this inspiring opportunity to embrace neurodiversity and discover the path to a fulfilling life.

Neurodiversity with Stacey Turis replay video


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