The workbooks are divided into 5 strands
– Arithmetic
– Measurement
– Problem Solving
– Algebra
– Calculus

and 5 Levels.
– Level 1
– Level 2
– Level 3
– Level 4
– Level 5

Each Level contains 10 books of each strand.

The five math strands are much like the strands of a rope woven together to make the rope stronger. The five math strands are meant to be worked in together to make the child’s math education stronger.

Students should work jointly in all strands rather than solely in one.

Hint: Plastic overlays can be used with dry erase markers to preserve the books. This allows you to use one set of books with multiple students.


  1. I find the scope and sequence very helpful as a math tutor.
    Parents always want me to “help with math homework.”
    I take the books which cover what the student is working on, reteach what they didn’t understand in class, then have the student do some problems from the Mortensen Math textbooks.
    My students LOVE them.

    Yes. I use a page protector or with older students, just have them tell me the right answer.

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