Smiley Face Books

The Smiley Face Books contain 10 books each of counting, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Click on the following links to view area content and sample pages.

  1. counting
  2. addition
  3. subtraction
  4. multiplication
  5. division

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Click here to view the Scope and Sequence for the Smiley Face books.

Video courtesy of Crewton Ramone’s YouTube Channel

Children of all ages and abilities can benefit from this introduction to visualizing early math concepts.

The simple activities in the books allow children to have fun with math even before they know how to write numbers.

Children can draw in a happy or sad face, use smiley face happy and unhappy stickers, and or just point.

Plastic overlays can be used in conjunction with dry erase markers and stickers to preserve the books themselves.


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