Combo Kit

The Combo Kit is the core of the Mortensen manipulatives and is used across all strands and levels.

The top tray contains,

  • nine of each unit bar 1-9
  • ten 10’s
  • one 100
  • skip count underlays for each of the unit bars 1-9

The bottom tray contains,

  • twenty-one unit cubes
  • three of each unit bars 2-5
  • thirty 10’s (three are red)
  • nine 100’s

The units and 10’s are segmented on one side and hollow on the back. The segmented side represents positive numbers and the hollow side represents negative numbers.

The side of the 10’s are smooth and represent unknown numbers such as x.

The back of the 100’s are smooth and represent unknown squares such as x2.


  1. A friend who does homeschooling turned me onto this showed an $89 kit), I am dyslexic, grade school/High school was hell until I was diagnosed in college (I am 60). My granddaughter (age 9 going into 4) will be evaluated believe she too is dyslexic primarily with numbers. She is doing that idiotic “common core math” BS that no adult in the house can figure out. Hoping this kit can help. We have her going to after school program homework/social after school since no adult in house can help her with her math homework. .

    1. Thank you for sharing so much about yourself and your granddaughter. I just sent you a private email. Please be on the lookout for it.

  2. Hi Anna,
    I’m interested in this Combo Kit, do you still have one available?
    Thank you!

    1. Yes Oana the combo kits are available. I will send you an email with information on how to go about ordering one.

  3. Aloha Anna,
    Is it possible to order a couple Combo Kits right now?

    1. Good Morning Deborah,

      Yes, absoulutely!

      Just click on, fill out, and submit this Order Form. Once I receive the form with your details I will send you an email with further information about proceeding with your order.

    1. Yes, we do Joanna. I’ve sent you an email with some information to get you sorted.

  4. I had a Mortensen more than math kit years ago, but I passed all my home school stuff on to others. Now I have grandchildren and we need to get the manipulatives again. Is there an order page?

    1. Coleen, I just sent you an email with some information about ordering the Mortensen Math manipulatives.

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