Curriculum Starter Kits

The Regular Legacy and Deluxe Curriculum Starter Kits are a whole lot of value all in one box. The Deluxe Kit has more basic ops pieces and more books and is the better deal.

Combo KitCombo Kit
Fractions KitFractions Kit
Multiple Tens KitMultiple Tens Kit
1 Green Thousand Strip10 Green Thousand Strips
2 Red Long Skinny Hundred Strips10 Red Long Skinny Hundred Strips
10 Red Hundred Squares10 Red Hundred Squares
20 Blue Ten Strips 20 Blue Ten Strips
25 Green Unit Squares25 Green Unit Squares
Getting Started ManualGetting Started Manual
Level 1 ManualLevel 1 Manual
Level 1 WorkbooksLevel 1 Workbooks
Coloring Books 2-9Coloring Books 2-9
Skip Count Audio CDSkip Count Audio CD
Algebra Level 1 DVDAlgebra Level 1 DVD
Algebra Level 1 GuidebookAlgebra Level 1 Guidebook
Place Value CardsPlace Value Cards
Number Name CardsNumber Name Cards
Multiplication Facts Mastery BooksMultiplication Facts Mastery Books
Addition Facts Mastery Books
Smiley Face Workbooks
Series A Manuals
1 Blue Ten Thousand Square
Note: The Workbooks that normally come with each of the Kits can be substituted out for a different Level - Smiley Face can be substituted out for Levels 1, 2 or 3 and Level 1 can be substituted out for Levels 2 or 3.

The price quoted in the video below is no longer valid due to the fact that this video was made in 2012 and the price has increased since then. For current price please visit the price list page.

Video courtesy of Crewton Ramone’s YouTube Channel