Why did Jerry Mortensen include chemistry in the Mortensen More Than Math program? I can only speculate as to what his answer would have been but I believe that he would have stated that Mortensen More Than Math is a concept based more than math program so we can use the concepts of science, in this case chemistry, to introduce and teach math concepts. After all science is the application of math. Mathematical calculations are needed to explore important concepts in chemistry and bring understanding to them. And then I believe he would have asked “Why would we not use chemistry concepts to introduce and teach math concepts? and why wouldn’t we do so at an early age?” With this rationale it makes sense then that he would have included chemistry as part of a concept based math program such as Mortensen More Than Math.

Students not only learn introductory chemistry concepts but they get to practice their basic math facts, one to one correspondence, subitizing, understanding of the same as concept, and filling in data tables. The Mortensen Math blocks are meant to be used throughout the level.

The workbooks help set a foundation of understanding for students wishing to go on to a more formal study of chemistry.

There are 10 books of Level 1 Chemistry available.
Like the math workbooks they are about 20 pages long.
The workbooks begin by introducing the concept of matter.
Each book builds on the last.

Book 1 – Matter – solid, liquid, gas, chemical elements and compounds, atoms, protons, electrons
Book 2 – Neutrons – combining protons and electrons
Book 3 – Atomic Weight – atomic mass unit
Book 4 – Names of Atoms – practice in reading from the periodic table, atomic number, drawing atoms, atom names and symbols
Book 5 – Elements – element names and symbols, atomic number, atomic weight, electrons in shells, periodic table of elements, nucleus
Book 6 – How Atoms Behave – combining elements – finding and giving away electrons
Book 7 – Kernel – molecules, valence electrons – last unfilled shell, atomic bonds
Book 8 – How Elements Combine – combining elements together
Book 9 – Molecular Weight – finding the molecular weight of combined elements
Book 10 – Compounds – combining elements together and finding molecular weight



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