Pink Games and Activities

The games and activities found in the Games and Activities for
Math Success using Mortensen more than Math
 book were compiled by Dale Mason. They represent the creativity of Jerry Mortensen, other Mortensen Math users, and their students.

The 30 page book includes sections on:
– Three Period Lesson
– Place Value and Counting
– Familiarization with and Recognition of Pieces
– Only Count the Same Kind
– Beginning Addition
– Addition Facts that Make Ten
– Addition Beyond Want to be a Ten
– Problem Solving and Simple Algebra Concepts
– Beginning Subtraction
– Multiplication
– Beginning Division
– Fractions
– Decimals
– Games for Many Topics – Algebra, Arithmetic, Measurement, Geometry, Problem Solving, Calculus

The activities in this book make use of the base ten blocks in the Combo Kit.

The following Mortensen Math program materials can be used alongside the games and activities in this book:
– Number Picture Fun Kit
– ‘N Stuff Kit
– Numeral ID Kit
– Addition Facts Mastery
– Smiley Face books
– Skip Count Audio CD
– Fraction Kit
– Older Mortensen Math software which is, unfortunately, no longer available

It is helpful to have on hand:
– a set of Place Value Cards
– some dice