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The Mortensen Math Program

INTRODUCTION TO MORTENSEN MATH The strength of the Mortensen Math program is that rather than having students learn mathematics by memorizing the mechanical rules and processes

Base Ten Block Floor

Base Ten Block Floor Design Challenge

Base ten block challenge – open to all children and adults. We bought our first home last fall. Since it is our space and we

Area of a circle

Deriving the formula for area of a circle

A first exposure for a grade 7 student on the basic parts of a circle and the derivation of a circle’s area formula. It was

Mortensen Math

Positive and Negative Integer Flash Cards [-100,+100] on TPT

I finally got around to putting my positive and negative integer flashcards up on my TPT store. I use them with most of my students.

Happy New Year

Positive Coefficient Quadratic Polynomial Bump Game

To start the new year off I have added a Positive Coefficient Quadratic Polynomial Bump Game to my TPT store and am offering it, at this time,

Decimals and Fractions

Fractional / Decimal blocks

We had some fun making fraction/decimal blocks for use when completing the square and squaring decimal numbers ending in five. Below is the zero pair

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