Fractions Kit

Tactile Visual Fractions

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Combo Kit Fraction Work – a small snippet of what can be done
Combo Kit Combo Deluxe Kit – photo courtesy of Crewton Ramone’s House of Math

Video courtesy of Crewton Ramone’s YouTube Channel

These powerful kits make the study of fractions clear and simple and can be used to teach equivalence, reduction, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of fractions.


  1. Our school is trying to purchase a fractions kit…can we do this through you?
    How much will it cost?

  2. Do you know how this compares to the Math u see fractions kit as they look similar and we can access these more readily?

  3. Shona here’s a bit of a break down on both fraction kits.

    The old Math U See kit is made up of 37 soft vinyl pieces. It comes in a cloth case.

    The new Math U See kit is made up of 39 vinyl pieces instead of 37 as there are 2 clear tenth overlays added to it. It comes in a fold shut paper case. It contains 5 green wholes, 2 orange pieces for halves, 3 pink pieces for thirds, 4 yellow pieces for quarters, 5 blue pieces for fifths, and 6 purple pieces for sixths plus two clear overlays for each of the halves, thirds, fourths, fifths, sixths and tenths, and one each of eighths and sixteenths.

    The Mortensen Math kit is made up of 77 vinyl pieces. It comes in hard plastic storage tray. It contains 1 green whole, 2 scored orange wholes and 2 orange halves, 2 scored pink wholes and 3 pink thirds, 2 scored yellow wholes and 4 yellow quarters, 2 scored light blue wholes and 5 light blue fifths, 2 scored purple wholes and 6 purple sixths, 2 scored beige wholes and 7 beige sevenths, 2 scored brown wholes and 8 brown eighths, and 2 scored teal blue wholes and 9 teal blue ninths plus two clear overlays for each of the halves, thirds, fourths, fifths, sixths, sevenths, eighths, and ninths. The Mortensen Math kit is made of a hard vinyl.

    Both kits are constructed slightly different re the whole and fractional pieces included. Hopefully you can see the differences by looking at the links I’ve included.

    The Mortensen Math pieces seem to be of a higher quality than the Math U See pieces which is why you pay a little bit higher price for it.

    Both the Mortensen Math and Math U See kits are used in a similar manner to teach fractions.

    You can do a bit more with the Mortensen Math kit than you can the Math U See kit simply because of the extra number of pieces included.

    You can usually find used Math U See fraction kits for sale at home school curriculum swaps and on eBay and perhaps even on Craigslist.

    I have not once found a used Mortensen Math fraction kit at any of the home school curriculum swaps up here in Canada but I have seen them come up occasionally on eBay. You might find them at the US home school curriculum swaps since the company is a US based company that has been serving the public and home school community down there for many years.

    I have both kits but my preference is the Mortensen Math kit although the Math U See kit works fine. It really comes down to preference re the kinds and number of pieces included in each of the kits, how much money you want to spend on a kit, and how easy it is to access the kit you want.

    Please let me know if you have more questions regarding the kits.

    1. Blake I just sent a reply via email. You should be receiving it momentarily.

  4. I am looking to purchase the combo kit. Can you please advise how much it would cost. Thanks

    1. Jodie I just sent you an email with the current information on cost and ordering. Please let me know if you have more questions.

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