Level 1-3 Manuals

The manuals like the workbooks are divided into 5 levels and 5 strands,

  • Level 1 Manual corresponds to the Level 1 Workbooks
  • Level 2 Manual corresponds to the Level 2 Workbooks
  • Level 3 Manual corresponds to the Level 3 Workbooks

The manuals explain concepts, show techniques, and contain sample dialogue that can be used when working with students.


    1. No unfortunately Jessica there are no Level 4 and 5 manuals. I can’t say for sure why not but I assume Jerry Mortensen just didn’t get around to writing them before he passed on. There are answer keys for those two levels though that are quite helpful, and in my opinion a replacement for the manuals, if you are new to this program and trying to learn it or teach it at the 4 and 5 level.

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