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Don’t know how to do a problem the Mortensen More Than Math way. Submit it below and I will attempt to answer or show how to do one of the problems each week.

Re the question submitted December 30, 2016: How would you demonstrate the exponent laws? You will find four of the rules demonstrated with blocks by hovering over the drop down menu for this page. Just click on a rule to see it demonstrated. I will work on getting the rest up soon. Thanks again for your patience. 



  1. My daughter is almost 12 and still struggles with her multiplication math facts. She has dyslexia, so rote memorization is very difficult. She gets them one day, and the next, they are gone. What would you suggest I purchase?

      1. Diane thank you for reaching out.

        I would absolutely recommend the Combo Kit.

        With this kit alone you can teach many k-12 math concepts. At the same time a child is learning these concepts they can learn and practice multiplication facts. We call it using math to teach math.

        You can play many fun games with this kit. A few of my student’s multiplication favourites are Hide and Seek, Block Toss, and Jenga. I don’t have Block Toss up on the games page yet but it is quite engaging and fun and is exactly what it sounds like though it can be varied to meet the child’s interests. For instance blocking shots in hockey or shooting baskets in basketball. The kids play math which takes away the scariness and need to do rote memorization.

        The Skip Count Audio CD’s are catchy and fun to listen to. There are a couple of songs that you can preview on my site.

        If you want to learn more specifically how to use the blocks you have the option of buying some of the manuals and guidebooks to follow or have someone that knows the program teach you or your child. I am more than happy to help you figure this part out.

        I strongly recommend that you engage your child in visual hands on movement activities / games and allow your child to build with the blocks to model problems and use a whiteboard with colourful markers for added fun and ease.

  2. “Hi Anna,
    What is the difference between series A Manuals and Level 1 manuals?
    Thanks in advance.”

    The Series A Manuals give a brief overview of the entire program. The Level 1-3 manuals go step by step through each of the levels 1-3 in the program. There are no Level 4 and 5 manuals. The Series A manuals and the Level 1-3 manuals compliment each other.

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